What is blended learning?

Today's e-learning technologies are used in blended learning to combine multi-party instructional methods. Live classroom sessions and digital materials both benefit students.

What is blended learning?
Doriane Stagnol
Doriane Stagnol

Video conferencing is revolutionizing blended learning

Are you looking for a unique way to share your knowledge in your field? Interested in promoting your services and yourself? Hybrid learning is an attractive and simple solution. With video conferencing platforms, also called webinars, you can provide training, courses, or paid meetings at a distance to generate revenue. Would you like to take advantage of this fast-growing digital education method? This guide will help you!

What is blended learning?

In blended learning, multi-student instructional methods are combined with cutting-edge e-learning technologies. Students benefit from both live and digital lessons. To properly anchor newly acquired knowledge, two distinct phases coexist: attentive listening to the trainer with group exchanges and personal work.

Synchronous learning or real-time training

The basic rule of attending a course includes adhering to a fixed and predefined schedule, as you have all experienced during school. By creating immediate exchanges, videoconferencing promotes the cohesion of learners and better assimilation of knowledge. As a consequence, learners ask their teacher questions as soon as necessary and benefit from their peers' answers. This approach increases students' motivation tenfold. Furthermore, this time of sharing can be used to organize joint activities that facilitate collective reflection and reasoning.

Off-line or asynchronous learning

With the help of pre-recorded digital teaching aids such as videos, interactive content, slide shows, or self-administered quizzes, students can deepen their understanding of the topics covered during the webinars. Students can work independently, at their own pace, wherever and whenever they want. I Additionally, all documents transmitted can be downloaded and consulted at any time to ensure that they are understood correctly.

Who can become a distance learning trainer?

To succeed on this path, you must possess three characteristics: a taste for entrepreneurship, a proven pedagogy, and a communicative enthusiasm. Recognize yourself? Here are three profiles that correspond to this business strategy.


As an expert in monetizing your expertise through digital technology, you sell your skills online. You can complete your arsenal as a digital specialist by adding a video conferencing platform or paid meetings. You can boost your professionalism by offering a collaborative platform along with your usual content.


The hybrid teaching method is a viable option if you want to teach your courses remotely, no matter if you are an instructor specializing in sports, business, or well-being. Through targeted exercises, you can both develop a theoretical concept and invite participants to apply it. Your protégés will remain motivated and on track if you organize live webinars! Also, they can film themselves so that you can correct their posture or presentation.


When you reach a certain level of education, you can share your knowledge with others. An experienced student will always be happy to help a beginner with specialized courses. Lemon makes it a breeze to sign up and record your first video.

What are the advantages of blended learning?

Flexibility, freedom, and independence

The organization and discipline required for a webinar cannot be improvised. It is important to build an educational program that follows a logical and relevant thread. By managing your time autonomously, this innovative method allows you to adapt your schedule to your requirements and not the other way around. Everything is up to you: location, schedule, and pace. As a result, you can prepare your training, deliver it, and exchange with your students from wherever you are. How about a dream setting like Bali?

Supports tailored to new trends

Any learning activity can be enhanced by the use of digital tools. Multi-faceted, stimulating, playful, and interactive, they allow for the creation of animations, videos, sound recordings, games, and questionnaires. By doing so, learners are more likely to be attracted to the concept and find it easier to understand. Furthermore, you will be able to monitor your activity so that you are always aware of what is happening.

Cohesion and networking tools

You can create a private group for your students from different classes to exchange tips and tricks. By providing insightful answers, you can demonstrate your expertise in these conversations. Building synergy among students can also be achieved through discussion forums or one-to-one coaching. Build a tight-knit community around the same project!

New ways of learning have emerged as a result of the rise of technology in education. Learners and instructors are increasingly demanding the ability to learn at their own pace. When you taste the freedom offered by such a platform, attending face-to-face classes will certainly seem like a different experience.

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