10 reasons why you should choose Lemon to monetize your knowledge online

There is one videoconferencing solution that stands out from the rest: Lemon! Giving courses, masterclasses, or online consultations has never been easier. We have developed a solution specifically for this purpose.

10 reasons why you should choose Lemon to monetize your knowledge online
Doriane Stagnol
Doriane Stagnol

Online courses, remote consultations, virtual meetings: 10 reasons to choose Lemon

Worldwide, there are many platforms for video conferencing. Both private and professional use has advantages and limitations, whether you are a teacher, consultant, trainer, speaker, artist, or influencer. There is one videoconferencing solution that stands out from the rest. It's Lemon! Giving courses, masterclasses, or online consultations has never been easier. We have developed a solution specifically for this purpose. If you want to monetize your remote knowledge, here are 10 reasons why you should choose Lemon.

Introducing Lemon, a unique video conferencing platform.

There is something different about Lemon's videoconferencing solution. The platform can be used to make classic videoconferences between colleagues or friends. But that's not what we're good at!

With Lemon, you have an all-in-one solution for monetizing your online skills.

With our technology, anyone can give a remote course, a virtual masterclass, or an online consultation.

Let's see how you can earn money online with your knowledge, from the most innovative to the most classic.

Lemon's 1st benefit

1 - Its unique monetization method

One of Lemon's biggest advantages is its online ticketing system. Any creator can monetize their live video content with our integrated monetization system.

Neither you nor your clients need to use an external online payment system. You can pay with a credit card or PayPal from your Lemon account.

There are five options available to you:

  • Sales of tickets: participants purchase tickets to access your virtual room. You can either limit the number of tickets or not, depending on your audience. Prepaid solutions are perfect for cash flow management.
  • Pay-per-minute: Participants credit their Lemon accounts with any amount they choose. Lemon debits this amount per minute and credits it directly to your virtual wallet. For short video conferences, this is the ideal solution.
  • Pay per hour: This system is similar to pay per minute except that participants are charged by the hour instead of per minute. You can be paid on an hourly basis under this system.
  • Pay per session: the rate is fixed regardless of the duration of your video. It is similar to the ticket system, except no payment is required in advance. The duration of your intervention is up to you. For the customer, this is the most reassuring solution. The price of the service is fixed and he pays right away.
  • Free event: Access is free. You don't charge anything, and neither do we! Make yourself known before offering paid services.

There is also a real-time tipping option for your audience, whether your event is free or paid. They only need to click the 🎁 icon at the bottom right of their screen! Make sure you're good!

Get paid for your online classes, trainings, masterclasses, and consultations with our online ticketing service. You can still use the service for 100% free video conferences without time limits or participant restrictions.

Here are 9 more reasons to choose Lemon

2 - A universality that is almost limitless

Lemon accepts euros, US dollars, and British pounds. We adapt our billing terms to the status of your company and to the laws in the country where you are registered.

Thanks to your live videos, you can do international business without any administrative constraints!

3 - Its marketplace

Lemon aims to be an essential marketplace for online courses. Distance learners can go to Lemon, choose a course that interests them, at a price and time that suits them, and simply take part in it according to their chosen conditions of access.

There is something for everyone on Lemon: math, languages, creative leisure, cooking, yoga, lifestyle, wellness, astrology, code, computer graphics...

Without even prospecting, choose the content you want to deliver.

4 - Its video quality

Lemon provides its users with a high-end solution. Video conferences can be held in 4K quality with our product. Your virtual events will be a great success!

5 - Its speed

Interaction between the host and participants is essential for a successful videoconference. That's why we created an ultrafast solution. Our uncompressed video technology reduces latency to less than one second (in a context with more than 10,000 viewers). Your videoconferences will be of the highest quality thanks to this technical feat!

6 - Its integrated calendar

Create your schedule and upload it to your Lemon account. Using your virtual schedule, you can reschedule each session (course, masterclass, training...) as many times as you like. If you teach the same class several times (beginner yoga class: every Tuesday at 2pm, advanced yoga class: every Friday at 4pm...), this saves you a lot of time. The virtual classroom and presentation are created once, and they can be reused indefinitely.

7 - Its management and follow-up tools

Each of your rooms has its own statistics in your Lemon space:

  • turnover,
  • number of participants;
  • tracking of your performance...

By using these tools, you can monitor your results at a glance without having to use any external tools.

8 - Its ease of use

Lemon can be accessed through any web browser. There is no need to install an application. You must, however, create an account in order to use our services. Once that's done, it's very straightforward. Follow the interface!

πŸ‘‰ Create your account and make your webinar with Lemon.

9 - Its 100% French development

This made-in-France solution was created by three digital experts: a video compression specialist and two digital marketing experts. We raised funds with French business angels to grow our start-up, first incubated by EFREI Paris.

All Lemon's team members work remotely from Paris, Stockholm, Sao Paulo, and La Reunion.

10 - And all its other features

Videoconferencing platform Lemon has all the essential features:

  • Sharing screens;
  • Sharing documents
  • Replay recording;
  • Chat messaging;
  • Options for customizing the interface.

You can discover many more widgets by creating your first Lemon videoconference.

Is Lemon your go-to video conferencing solution? Our solution will help you generate revenue from your video lives right now.