How does Lemon's integrated ticketing work?

The automatic billing and integrated payment system of our platform make videoconferencing especially easy to monetize.

How does Lemon's integrated ticketing work?
Doriane Stagnol
Doriane Stagnol

Using Lemon Integrated Ticketing

How could we provide an effective and easy-to-use ticketing system to content creators without offering them a powerful remuneration tool? By integrating payment systems and automatically invoicing, our platform makes generating revenue from videoconferencing a breeze. Learn how Lemon Ticketing works and what options you have.

1. What is the benefit of offering integrated ticketing on Lemon?

With Lemon, video content creators can connect with their audiences and make money.

We provide services to:

  • Those who wish to earn revenue by offering courses, tutorials, training, masterclasses, or online consultations.
  • Anyone interested in learning about or benefiting from remote services and advice.

Lemon creators include teachers, experts, consultants, trainers, influencers, and students.

Every imaginable activity can be broadcast, including cooking, music, literature, language lessons, math, sewing, yoga, astrological consultations, psychotherapy sessions, legal advice, etc. You name it.

With our platform, anyone can easily and quickly sell or buy virtual services.

The Lemon ticketing system simplifies monetary transactions between live video content creators and consumers.

Vendors and customers can make payments and receive receipts using our system without any technical difficulties.

No matter who you are or how comfortable you are in the virtual world, our services are accessible to everyone.

2. Lemon Ticketing has many advantages. What are they?

Transactions are simplified without external tools

We make it easy and secure for both providers and consumers to monetize live video content.

It is not necessary for you or your customers to use an external online payment system or make transfers. Your Lemon account is where everything happens.

Before opening your virtual room to participants, you don't need to check payments. Paying their bills on time is the only condition for entry.

Multi-currency payment for international sales

Transactions on Lemon can be made in euro, US dollar, and pound sterling.

As a result, you can buy and sell almost anywhere online.

Lemon accepts the following methods of payment:

  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, China UnionPay, Discover and Diners);
  • PayPal.

Automated detailed billing

The invoices are tailored to your company's status and to the laws of your country of registration.

Invoices are automatically generated according to your country of residence (tax adaptation, legal mentions...).

3. Lemon ticketing: How does it work?

Content creators have five pricing options.

Clients comply with your conditions. All of them guarantee that you will be paid before or after your intervention. Our system eliminates the risk of non-payment. There will never be a need for you to chase your payments.

Sales of tickets

Participants at your event buy tickets just like at a concert or show.

It is possible to limit the number of tickets or open your virtual room to as many people as you like. 

This option with prepaid access is ideal for collecting money before your event. If you sell your tickets well in advance, you can cover any costs related to organizing your live event (renting equipment, booking a recording studio, paying speakers, etc.). You can also cancel the event and refund the attendees if you are unable to cover your costs.

A minute-by-minute payment system

After crediting their Lemon account with the amount of their choice, participants are charged by the minute. The amount of time spent on your session is deducted from their credit card. The money is deposited into your Lemon virtual wallet.

Suitable for short-term visions (for a fortune-telling consultation, for example). Users of the platform can also test you for a few minutes for a small fee before offering a full session.

By-the-hour payment

Similar to the pay-per-minute system, participants are charged per hour. 

You may be paid according to your hourly rate if you conduct a videoconference with one person or a small group. 

Suitable for school courses or online consultations (psychologists, lawyers...). 

Session-based payment

No matter how long your video is, the rate remains the same.

It is similar to the ticket system, except that access isn't prepaid.

You must control your time in order to earn a profit while providing satisfactory service to your customers.

Access for free

Virtual rooms are free to access. 

Getting to know your prospects and building your community is easy with free access events. Demonstrate your expertise and your added value to convert participants into customers for a future paid live event.

Reward bonus

During the course of your live event, you can get live tips from your audience, whether your event is free or paid.

To send you a tip, they simply click the small gift in the bottom right corner of their screen. 

Your job is to motivate them to give generously!

4. The lemon ticketing process: what does it entail?

How does the process work?

You can easily use Lemon's services, including online ticketing.

  1. Create a Lemon account;
  2. Create your virtual rooms (one room per event);
  3. Set your price according to the available options;
  4. Schedule one or more sessions for each of your contents;
  5. Promote your event (on and off Lemon);
  6. Participants pay online for their access to your virtual room (or access it for free if this is the option chosen);
  7. Live-stream your videoconference;
  8. Receive payments in your Lemon account;
  9. Invoices are automatically generated;
  10. Request the transfer of your earnings to your bank account.

Monitoring tools are also included in our solution. Monitor your activity and adjust your strategy as necessary using the information on your dashboard.

What is the cost?

A 10% commission is taken from the creators' earnings by Lemon.

You will receive €9 if you sell a course for €10.

Compared to other solutions, our rates for hosting and broadcasting streaming or pre-recorded videos are much lower. 

Additionally, you get a range of services that allow you to perform effectively during your videoconferences.

With our integrated ticketing system, delivering courses, trainings, masterclasses, and consultations online has never been easier. In any case, you can still use our video conferencing service for free.