Lemon User Guide

The following guide will help you get started with your Lemon account. Here you'll find all the essential steps, along with some tips, to maximize your profits with Lemon.

Lemon User Guide
Doriane Stagnol
Doriane Stagnol

How to use Lemon like a pro

Step 1: Create your Lemon account

Lemon requires you to create an account. This will allow you to:

Stream your video content live and earn revenue;

Join other creators on the platform for live events.

Nothing could be simpler than this!

1. Enter your ID information: last name, first name, and email address. Your Facebook account can also be used to connect.

2. Set your password;

3. Choose to use Lemon in French or in English.

Step 2: Provide your billing information

Your billing information is then requested. We use this information to receive your payments and invoices.

  • Indicate your status: individual or professional;
  • Select your country (75 eligible countries);
  • Choose your currency (euros, US dollars, pounds sterling)

Step 3: Secure your account

There are some actions that require confirmation by SMS (withdrawing your earnings, changing your password...), which is why you need to supply a cell phone number.

Payment notifications can be enabled. When money is collected on your account, you will receive an alert.

Step 4: Add a profile picture

In order to attract new customers and reassure existing ones, your image is crucial. 

Make a positive impression with a clear, bright photo that represents you or your interests. 

Make sure you choose the right photo and upload it.

Step 5: Set up your event rooms

Conference rooms are the place where you can start generating revenue.

  • Click on the "create a room" button;
  • Give your virtual room a meaningful title;
  • You can use hashtags to appear in search results on the Lemon marketplace (available for public events: see visibility options).

Your title must be evocative to generate interest and registrations. Visitors must understand the content in two words (for example: math course, matrices, one hour, grade 1).

Step 6: Specify your room's price conditions

A reception room requires you to indicate whether access is free.

1. For access that requires payment:

  • Decide how you want to charge your customers: per ticket, per minute, per hour, or per session.
  • Enter the event price excluding taxes.

Remember that Lemon takes 10% of your earnings as a commission. You will receive €9 before tax on a ticket sold for €10 before tax.

Rates can be increased. Depending on the country of residence of your customers, additional fees may apply in addition to the rate displayed.

2. If your access is free:

Take the next step directly.

Step 7: Select your room's visibility options

Public : all users can see your room on the Lemon platform. Your room can be discovered and joined by anyone.

Private: your room isn't listed on Lemon and is invisible. It can only be accessed by those with the link.

Indicate whether your room contains mature or explicit content if applicable. Check the "Not suitable for children" box if this is the case.

Step 8: Customize your virtual room

Creating an attractive videoconference presentation is the objective here.

1. Select a photo for your cover

It is imperative to choose a cover picture that is attractive, clear, and representative of the content you are proposing.

In order to help you compose your cover photo, Lemon provides you with a few examples.

2. Create a summary (headline)

In 750 characters, you can tease your video.

3. Write a detailed description

For your sales page to be attractive, you must:

Provide all the information necessary for buyers to make an informed decision: When is it? Who is it intended for? What is the duration of the event? Can you give me an idea of what they'll learn?

Present things in a "catchy" way to entice people to enroll. Your marketing skills will come in handy here.

4. Include links to your website and social networks.

This is mostly for the purpose of making yourself known and legitimizing your skills. It is possible for people interested in your content to find out more about you before trusting you. This is always reassuring.

Step 9: Schedule your streams

In the Lemon online calendar, indicate when your videoconferences will take place. If your events are public, this is vital.

You can schedule the same content as many times as you like: for the same reception room, you can propose several sessions. Example: Tuesdays at 5pm, beginner yoga class.

Step 10: Communicate about your event

Now that your virtual room has been created and customized and your sessions have been scheduled, you need to inform your clients about the services you provide. You will earn more money if you have a larger audience.

To do this, you can :

  • appear on the Lemon marketplace (by choosing the public visibility option) ;
  • broadcast the description and link of your classroom on your website and your networks or by any other means you wish.

It's up to you to choose the promotion method that works best for you.

Step 11: Conduct your videoconference

As planned, you conduct your course, master class, or online consultation:

  • as scheduled;
  • as described in the program,
  • in accordance with the pricing and access conditions;
  • utilizing all Lemon's features.

πŸ‘‰ The Lemon blog is a good place to start if you aren't used to this type of exercise. You'll find tips to help you perform better during video conferences in this guide.

Step 12: Get paid

Earnings from paid videoconferences on Lemon are recorded in your space.

You can either :

  • request the crediting of your bank account with your earnings after entering the details of the account;
  • use your credits to follow paid conferences on Lemon.

Step 13: Track your performance

With your Lemon account, you can track your performance, manage, and analyze your business.

The platform provides you with a summary of your work and statistics on the services you have provided.

Step 14: Generate passive income

Lemon offers an affiliate program to live video content creators.

It's simple:

  • Post your Partner Link on your website, social networks, or high-traffic platforms to promote Lemon.
  • Lemon pays you a commission when your affiliates earn or spend money (up to 50% of transactions).

πŸ‘‰ Find out more about Lemon's affiliate program here.

Lemon: What you need to know.

Easily change your events

Your Lemon space allows you to change all your information at any time:

  • your personal information ; 
  • your profile picture ;
  • your room description;
  • Access conditions;
  • Your visibility options;
  • Your rates;
  • Your schedule.

Cancellations of prepaid sessions (accessible by tickets) will be notified and refunded.

Do you need assistance?

Every step of the way, Lemon's team is here to assist you. You can reach us via the Lemon chatbot or by email.

πŸ‘‰ Are you ready to generate revenue with your live video content? Make your first paid video conference with Lemon by creating an account!