6 tips for boosting your personal image during webinars

Due to the appearance of professionalism, it is imperative to maintain your image during a webinar so as to make your speech more credible and reassuring for the audience. A charismatic speaker is more likely to be heard and remembered.

6 tips for boosting your personal image during webinars
Doriane Stagnol
Doriane Stagnol

How do you take care of your image in a webinar?

It's time to organize a webinar, and everything is ready: logistics, invitations, event content, etc. Now it's time to focus on your presentation. A webinar's success also depends on the presence of its moderator or host. It is crucial to maintain your professional image during a webinar because it increases the credibility of your speech while also reassuring the audience. It is more likely that the words of a charismatic speaker will be heard and applied. The purpose of this article is to reveal some keys to giving a positive image and delivering a convincing presentation from a distance.

Make sure you dress appropriately

The saying says that clothes do not make a man, but dress should not be neglected when presenting in public, even from a distance. The image you portray to your audience is strongly influenced by the clothes you wear.

Dressing appropriately is not about being overdressed or dressing in a way that doesn't match your personality. Dress neatly, comfortably, and cleanly. Avoid wearing anything too sloppy. Keep your old T-shirt for Sundays at home.

Only one rule to remember: keep the context and audience profile consistent. Dress in a way that your audience will relate to. You can even embody the values you want to convey.

You don't need a suit and tie for a webinar on e-commerce, for example. Consider adopting a classy and timeless style for an audience of financial executives.

Like Steve Jobs, you can also brand yourself with your outfit.

A good voice makes a remote presentation more convincing

Voice is the main means of transmitting our ideas. An individual who knows how to use their voice inspires confidence and is more likely to convince their audience.


You should vary the tone of your voice when presenting. When making statements, go to the low end. Use an ascending voice when expressing assumptions. Make your speech more melodious by respecting punctuation marks or by pressing longer on important words. Smiling also affects intonation.

Word flow

It is essential to have a good grasp of your speech rate in order to speak clearly in a webinar. Speaking too fast will make it difficult for the audience to follow you. Conversely, speaking too slowly will make your audience sleepy. A bored audience will likely tune out very quickly. Take care of your elocution, breathe, and use short sentences.


It is easier to understand what you are saying with good diction. Be sure to articulate clearly. Don't let your words and sentences go unnoticed. You can practice on the web if this isn't your forte.

Improve your non-verbal communication skills

Another way to improve your web image is to master your non-verbal language. According to psychologist Albert Mehrabian, 55% of communication is visual. Any interaction is influenced by physical appearance. In a distance exchange, how do you accomplish this?


Even though you cannot move around as much as you would like, virtuality shouldn't prevent you from taking care of your posture and gestures. Relax your shoulders and stand up straight. Avoid being static. Body language must be fluid, flexible, and adapted to your speech.

Having a good posture shows confidence, which is useful for expressing your ideas effectively.


When you look at your camera during an online event, the person behind the screen will feel as if you are speaking directly to them.

Keeping your gaze straight without being fixed will make this even more effective. You should avoid looking away, looking up when you're thinking, being immersed in your notes, etc. Maintain a relaxed and natural attitude.


Smiling is always a sign of friendliness. Let's smile! Your image will only benefit from it. Be careful not to force it. Sincerity is essential or it will backfire.

Make sure you pay attention to your audience

Empathize with the participants if you want their support. It is important to focus your presentation on their needs.

Give them time to ask questions. Open yourself up to discussion, be a good listener, and be accessible.

It's also the best way to know if your audience understood what you said.

Enhance your webinar image by working on your introduction

Choosing the right words for your first sentence is crucial. Bad introductions can make you appear unprofessional to your audience. Your presentation needs to be impactful from the get-go.

Make your introduction more interesting than a bland "Hello, I'm Mr. X, and I'll tell you about...".

Storytelling is effective. Everyone enjoys a good story, especially if it speaks to them. You can also begin with anecdotes, statistics, a quote, a current event, or a question.

Tell a story to conclude

The audience is highly attentive at the end of a webinar. It is your last impression on the audience. Make a lasting impression.

Use humor sparingly to lighten the mood. If a question and answer session is scheduled, this will also prepare the audience for what lies ahead.

Also, you can summarize in one or two sentences the main points discussed during the event, in the spirit of "if you could only remember one thing from today...".

Whatever you do, don't improvise. Prepare your conclusion in advance. You must make it memorable.

Each of these elements contributes to sending back a positive and inspiring image of yourself. You can't improvise your image in a webinar, so practice beforehand. When the time comes, you will be in the best light. For a webinar to be successful, you need three ingredients: a good presentation, valuable content, and a powerful platform like Lemon. There are many features that make Lemon an excellent tool for videoconferencing: calendar, integrated payment system, document sharing, etc. Start testing the platform for free today.