Why and how do webinars help with branding?

In order to convey a memorable brand image to the public, there are many tools that can be used: social networks, websites, press conferences, posters, advertising, etc. If you're wondering if webinars and branding are compatible, the answer is yes!

Why and how do webinars help with branding?
Doriane Stagnol
Doriane Stagnol

Branding webinar: its importance and challenges

It is imperative for a company to implement an effective and well-thought-out strategy in order to build a strong and unique brand image. The following tools can be used to convey a memorable brand identity to the public: social networks, websites, press conferences, posters, and advertising. Let's take a look at how a webinar can work for your branding today. If you're wondering if webinars and branding are compatible, the answer is yes! We'll explain how webinars are a great marketing tool in this article.

1. How webinars can help your company brand

Organizing a webinar isn't just about selling or presenting your products. Your customers or prospects are in direct contact with you. Educating the public, interacting with them, and gathering their opinions in real-time is a privilege. Webinars allow you to convey messages that benefit your organization's branding.

Build credibility

An organization can host a webinar in order to demonstrate its expertise and establish itself as an industry leader. Building a brand identity during a virtual event also makes it easy to build trust with participants.

Communicate the company's values and missions

There is no doubt that your company has its own identity and values. Communicating your founding values will naturally attract those who share the same values as you. Creating an emotional connection with webinar participants is crucial to getting them to join your cause, become loyal customers, and even become true ambassadors.

Engage your most loyal customers in a special way

In order to keep your customers or fan community following you and buying your products, you must maintain the link. There is nothing like a remote presentation where you can exchange information, answer their questions, show you care and listen to them. Your organization's image and sympathy capital will be strengthened.

2. Actions to implement for webinars and branding

During a webinar, you can use these elements to build a strong and memorable image.

Provide answers to participants' questions

Webinars are interactive meetings. This is what makes them so valuable to your organization. Interact with the audience and answer their questions. As a result, you will be perceived as a company that is accessible, available, and responsive.

Tell your story

The most effective way to tell your organization's story is through storytelling. What inspired you to start? How did the company overcome obstacles? What were the challenges you faced? And so on. Touching the hearts of your customers is the key to keeping their attention, strengthening your company's adhesion, and ultimately securing their loyalty.

Communicate consistently and precisely

Whenever you address an audience, you adopt a specific tone. Branding relies heavily on tone. To be effective, your strategy must be precise and consistent with your objectives. It must reflect the company's values and personality. Additionally, a tone that is appropriate for your target audience ensures their commitment and trust. There are many types of communication styles: provocative, playful, authoritative, intellectual, etc. Finding yours is up to you!

Make sure all visual elements support the company's personality

Webinars are still video events, even if they are virtual. It is very significant what the audience sees on the screen. Logos, colors, typography, everything must serve the organization's interests. If you have slides to present, it would be appropriate to use the organization's colors. Consumers' perception of products is influenced by colors and typography, which is widely accepted and proven. At a time when you have the opportunity to be seen by your customers, it would be shameful to ignore this aspect.

3. Developing your personal brand through a webinar

It's all about using corporate marketing strategies for personal gain.

One might believe that personal branding is only for politicians, artists, and other famous people. No, quite the contrary!Organizing a webinar is a great way to develop your personal marketing skills as a coach, an infopreneur, an influencer or a business leader.

With this type of online event, you can show your audience who you are: your personality, your uniqueness, your values, or your story. Additionally, it is an excellent opportunity for storytelling.

In a webinar, you can also highlight your accomplishments and promote your activities. Keep your presentation consistent with the image you wish to convey. It can be as simple as the outfit you wear or the gestures you make.

You need to cultivate positive communication around your identity in order to stand out and be memorable.

Be careful, though! You should always add value to your audience. You can do this by sharing your expert knowledge, offering information that will benefit your audience, providing concrete solutions, and being ready to assist. You will master the art of talking about yourself without directly mentioning yourself in this way 😉

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