How to create a webinar sales page? - [Complete Guide]

What are the best ways to maximize attendance and attract qualified audience members to your webinar? How do you create a successful webinar sales page? Find out by following this guide!

How to create a webinar sales page? - [Complete Guide]
Doriane Stagnol
Doriane Stagnol

Create a Webinar Sales Page

Even if your webinar is free, it is still necessary to create an effective sales page. This is called a landing page. Whatever the case, your virtual event web page must generate interest and registrations. In this guide, you will learn how to create a successful webinar sales page and how to maximize the number of participants attending your live sessions. Let's go!

1. Sales page for webinars: objectives and essentials

Dual objectives

Webinars are part of an overall marketing strategy. Using it correctly can be a powerful tool for inbound marketing. It takes a lot of time and effort to put together a quality webinar. You wouldn't want to miss your goals just because you didn't attract YOUR target audience.

It's true that a webinar sales page is about collecting registrations. But attracting a crowd of participants is not enough to reach your ultimate goal. The most significant thing is to reach registrants who have the appropriate and relevant profile that you want to attract.

A successful webinar sales page delivers in two key ways:

  • Ensures a qualified audience is attracted;
  • Increases the number of registrants as much as possible.

Webinar sales page elements

How can you generate numerous registrations from a qualified audience with your webinar sales page? The following four elements are essential:

  • Detailed and attractive event description: outline who your event is for (for whom?), what the issue is (why?), and how it will be approached (how?).
  • Descriptions of your company: your products and services, and why this online seminar is legitimate.
  • Key information: including date, time, duration, price, participation conditions, etc.
  • Registration form: designed to collect contact details and additional information if needed (age, gender, country, etc).

2. Here are five tips to make your sales page irresistible

1 - A catchy title

A sales page's title is its most important element. A sales page that does not arouse curiosity will not be read. Make sure your headline grabs the attention of your target and makes them want to learn more. Tell your target directly that:

  • you know exactly what they need
  • you have a solution for them.

Main objective: presenting a clear benefit to capture attention.

2 - An emphatic introduction

Keep your target's attention with a first paragraph that creates desire. Your goal is to create emotion in your reader. Don't talk about your product here. Describe your ideal customer, his problems, his dreams, his ambitions. They must identify with you and feel that the context you describe is exactly what they are experiencing.

Main objective: to show your prospect that you understand his situation.

3 - An irresistible offer

You must present your offer as the most appropriate solution for your prospects. You want to help your target achieve their goals. Describe how you will help them get there. Explain the direct benefits of joining your video conference. Emphasize the benefits of attending with a focus on concrete results and what participants will get out of the session. Offer a deal that cannot be refused, a chance not to be missed.

Main objective: convey to your prospect that your offer is tailored to his needs.

4 - Credibility beyond reproach

Trust is one of the most critical factors in generating listings. We are all aware of the scams and non-value-added content that abound on the Internet. You need to dispel your readers' doubts and anxieties. Establish your credibility with:

  • Credibility: who are the speakers? What are their talents, their backgrounds, and their successes? Your videoconference should include all arguments that support their authority in the field of expertise.
  • Reviews: testimonials and relevant opinions certainly alleviate prospects' concerns. Additionally, they can answer a variety of questions.
  • Guarantees: "no commitment", "100% satisfaction guaranteed", "refund within 30 days if you change your mind", etc. These are formulas that will help to remove any remaining concerns.

Trust is gained slowly, but lost quickly, so make sure your evidence is proven, and your testimonials are authentic!

Main objective: demonstrate your competence and honesty.

5 - A persuasive conclusion

A successful webinar sales page concludes with a call to action. From the beginning, you must build an emotional connection with your readers. A two-step conclusion is an unstoppable way to conclude your sales pitch:

  • Describe the situation your prospect would be in if you hadn't helped him.
  • Remind them of the improvements they can achieve with your solution.

Don't forget to end your sales page with a simple, direct call to action.

Main objective: to close the sale, to trigger registrations.

3. Publish your webinar sales page

Making your sales page available online

A sales page is a web page that is specific to your webinar. You can access it via its own URL. Publish your website separately from your main fixed pages and categories if you have one. You can create a landing page directly in some video conferencing solutions, including Lemon - the French paid live video platform. If you don't have your own website, this is very useful.

Communicate about your event

You have created a great webinar and a solid sales page. Your next step is to promote your event and direct prospects to your landing page. Spread the link to your sales page to get your audience to your registration page. Multichannel communication is key: social networks, email, ads, partner websites, etc.

Lemon: a video conferencing solution with an integrated sales page

Building a sales page is essential when conducting a remote seminar with Lemon. You can easily write, format, and distribute your sales page using this feature. Create your online conference room by following these steps. Simple instructions guide you through the process of adding a title, cover photo, description, practical info, access details, and links to the organizers' websites and networks. By simply copying and pasting the link of your virtual classroom, you can share it with anyone.