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At Lemon, we are committed to create an inclusive culture where everyone feels respected and valued. Perseverance, excellence, integrity, and honesty are the four core pillars of our company.


We are a team of tech entrepreneurs, software engineers and web designers. We’ve over 20 years’ experience helping people create successful ventures in various online industries.

  • Anthony Maurin

    CPO & Head Of Engineering

  • Kevin Codfert

    CTO & Head Of Operations

  • Vincent Fontaine

    CEO & Product Architect

  • Tom Moore

    CMO & Head Of Growth

What is Lemon?

Everything you need to squeeze the most out of your skills and make revenue at scale.

  • Ticketing System

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Pay-Per-Minute Room

  • Influencer & Social Marketing

Lemon is perfect for creating paid video conferences to broadcast your skills in an interactive way.

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  • Leo Sudreau

    Lead Backend Developer
  • Aude Perdriel

    Marketing Manager
  • Julien Moucadel

    Senior R&D Engineer
  • Barbara Vercruysse

    Head Of Customer Success
  • Thibaud Arnault

    Senior Software Engineer
  • Emilie Baladine

    Frontend Developer
  • Mehari Mamo

    Software Engineer
  • Khalid Ouarga

    Senior 3D Engineer
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