Introducing Lemon

Deliver memorable experiences to your customers.

Maximum Flexibility
Create paid video meetings, private lessons or multi-party group sessions.
Scalable Revenue
Generate more predictable revenue streams with our monetization tools.
Intuitive UX
Deliver an intuitive user experience to your fans and customers.
Custom Branding
Design your custom room page in minutes, and engage more users.

What is Lemon?

Lemon lets you create and monetize virtual conference rooms, online lessons and video meetings. It's the best place to start making money at scale from your knowledge, skills or talent.

Why Lemon is different from other platforms?

What makes us truly different is the simplicity of the platform and the monetization tools we offer. No need to cobble together multiple platforms like Paypal and Zoom. Everything you need to create a paid room is on Lemon.

What browsers work best with Lemon?

Lemon has been tested on a wide variety of browsers. Using the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your laptop or desktop computer guarantees the best experience.

How can I make money with Lemon?

Everyone can create a paid conference room on Lemon. You can then sell tickets or offer your first session for free, or charge users on a per-minute basis or with a monthly subscription.

What is the reception page?

The Reception page is the welcome page of your conference room. It's the onboarding page you must send to attendees so they can access your room.

What is Pay-per-minute and Per-per-hour?

When creating a conference room, the pay-per-minute option allows you to charge your customers for their usage on a per-minute or per-hour basis. They must deposit money into their Lemon account before being able to consume.